Shipping & Postage Advice

Shipping options

Let buyers know clearly what shipping options they have and how much it will cost.

When you have specified cost of shipping this is automatically added to the total purchase price for the product at time of sale.

From Rarotonga to New Zealand or Australia


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For Cook Islands Post rates:

Zone A - NZ/Aust = $30 up to 1Kg

  • Each additional 500g = $5
  • Up to 20 working days

See following link for more details:

From NZ to Rarotonga or Australia


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For NZ Post rates finder, visit link below:

From Australia to NZ or Cook Islands


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Australia Post rates Finder link below:

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DHL - NZ, Cook Islands & Australia

For DHL rates Finder, see link below:


Sellers who use parcel tracking services provided by the above postal services may provide purchasers with a tracking link.  Tracking links are provided below with an example tracking number shown in bold and italics.  Replace these tracking numbers with your own.

NZ POST tracking URL:

CANIAO tracking URL:

DHL tracking URL:


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