Oko offers various locations for your advertising materials to suit your budget and needs.

Selecting the best space and location is really going to be determined by what you want to achieve whether that be maximum exposure or to target browsers to a specific product category.

Cost of renting space on Oko will depend on the location and duration of your advertising campaign.  The table below shows the costs for each zone and zone location.

Cost of Banner Adverts is based on site Zones that range from high exposure zones to zones deeper in the site that are targeted at specific visitor interests:

Banner Adverts Fee Structure

Zone A – Home Page - $24/month – All categories

Header - $13/month

Home Page Slider - $ 11/month shared / $14 Animated

Footer - $9/month shared

Zone B – Main Catergory - $11/month

Header - $9/month shared

Footer - $6/month shared

Zone C – Sub Catergory A - $7/month

Header - $5/month shared

Footer - $4/month shared

Zone C – Sub Catergory B - $5/month

Header - $4/month shared

Footer - $2/month shared

If you require your advert to be developed by our design team, contact us to discuss your requirements.

How much will it cost?

Charge is per hour at $55NZ/hr. Banners typically cost around $300 - $400 to develop.

It depends on what kind of banner... and if your concept, copy and art direction/motion ideas are set. Here's a great formula for these types of projects that we use which results in a line item estimate (and also gives you an idea of how the process works)

Advert Development process:

1. Concept copy, art and motion graphics for one banner (2-3 options will be presented in storyboard form, client chooses one) 2-3 hours

2. Client chooses one, we refine based on feedback. (Revisions shown in storyboard form) 1-2 hours, repeat as necessary, 1-2 hours per revision cycle, depending on nature of revisions requested.

3. Upon approval of storyboard, we build master banner. (typically a 728x90, and the hours can vary depending on complexity of animation) 1-3 hours

4. Revisions to master banner. approx 1 hour, depending on nature of revisions

5. Resizing and back up gifs/jpgs. Typical estimate 1-2 hours per resize.

NOTE:  ALL Oko Store owners will receive a 50% discount on banner advertising fees!  Minimum duration 3 days applies.

To discuss your needs you can contact us from HERE.

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